New Congress GUN Bill HR5611 Is Very Bad

By Alan Korwin July 7th, 2016. Author, Gun Laws of America

This bill is worse than previous ones that prompted sit-ins, and is scheduled for immediate vote.

Plain English Summary:

HR 5611 Homeland Safety and Security Act
Mr. McCarthy, July 1, 2016. 114th Congress 2nd Session

NOTE: Without using the lightning-rod term NO-FLY LIST this bill sweeps all those people into a new anti-gun-rights database, because everyone there has been "investigated" in some fashion, and anyone investigated is covered by this proposed law. It's very clever actually.

The guesstimate numbers of people announced publicly include 70,000 names on the no-fly list (people who've supposedly been "investigated" enough to be on that list) and one million people on the terrorism watch list, plus the "selectees" list with an unknown number of people. These are people charged with nothing, convicted of nothing, free to travel anywhere, just not by air. Presumably, TSA airport scanners and checkpoints don't work on these people. The NICS database will see a massive increase if this passes.

BACKGROUND: This is the supposedly republican "compromise" amendment (drafted by democrats) to replace the unconstitutional and feckless anti-rights drafts the democrats staged a whining sit-in tantrum to enact two weeks ago. All five of those attempts failed, with one being tabled for the moment. This draft is quite different but no better, and is subject to at least as much government-agent abuse or worse than the former drafts. .....

Alan Korwin describes in detail (read the entire article), just how devious and obscure this bill really is. Obfuscation is evident throughout, leaving almost hidden and serious powers which seriously compromise people's rights, with inclusion of almost vague non-definitions.

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