Life saving 'tips' - but one is missing.

By Jon Street. February 17th, 2016

Citing a series of violent crimes that have occurred in the area in the past month, a Texas news station offered the "top five personal safety tips that could save your life" -- but one thing was noticeably missing from the list: personal firearms.

"People want to have that knowledge to protect themselves and their families just in case," Jason Hanson, former CIA officer and founder of Spy Escape and Evasion, told KTVT-TV in Dallas. The station went on to list five tips on how individuals can protect themselves from potential violent crimes, along with what to do if they find themselves in certain, unthinkable situations.

One of the tips the station did give, however, was that, if you feel like you're being followed, stop, turn around and look the person directly in the face. This eliminates the element of surprise, which criminals often go for, the station noted. Then, while continuing to look at the person, you can use your phone to call someone and tell them you're being followed, making sure the person who's following you can hear the conversation. ......

This is hardly the first time we have discussed such things, as with our "Run, Hide, Tell" alert of 12/21/15. Then there has also been the "advice" in schools, to throw books or canned food at attackers. For the most part, sadly, these "life-saving" recommendations border on impractical, if not the totally absurd.
Always, these naive wonderful life-saving plans overlook the obvious -- availability of firearms. Please let's get real.

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