LA Times Ignores Evidence,
Claims 'Microstamping' Requirement
Would Help Solve Crimes

By AWR Hawkins. October 24th, 2016

On October 24, the Los Angeles Times ignored evidence, and the pleadings of common sense, in order to contend a national "microstamping" requirement would help solve crimes.

For those who may not know, microstamping is a type of ballistic fingerprinting that leftists and gun control groups have long dreamed of mandating. A gun with microstamping technology theoretically makes a mark on a bullet casing, and when said casing is left behind at a crime scene, police will hypothetically find it, see the markings, and trace the gun to its owner -- that is, if microstamping was doable.

But it is not doable, and there are many reasons why. One of those reasons -- perhaps the most pertinent of those reasons -- is the number of variables that exist within the microstamping theory. For example, what if the criminal uses a revolver? Revolvers to do not eject shell casings after a round is fired. So criminals who use revolvers beat microstamping every time. But even if the criminal uses a semiautomatic pistol -- which does eject shell casings -- the microstamping theory is easy to defeat. One simply has to replace the firing pin on his gun or file the special marking off the end of the factory pin and, there you have it, the pin no longer leaves a special mark on a shell casing when it strikes. ......

Amazing! Despite all that has been discussed on the near uselessness of microstamping, it surfaces yet again. Maryland spent a small fortune implementing this and yet after 15 years abandoned it, without it having solved a single crime. It would seem that there are those, anti-gun mostly, who think such measures, which can also include 'smart' gun technology, will solve everything. Naive to say the least.

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