Why Do “Progressives” Oppose Self-Defense?

By David C. Stolinsky. December 12th, 2016
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Recently in Malibu, a suburb of Los Angeles, 10 alpacas were killed by a mountain lion, and two more were injured. Accounts vary, but either one alpaca was partially eaten, or none were. The predator jumped an electrified fence that the owner had installed. The owner obtained a temporary license to kill the mountain lion and contacted a hunter.

However, the Los Angeles Times and other “progressive” media raised such an uproar that the hunt was cancelled, and the mountain lion remains safe. The alpacas, in contrast, remain dead. What can we learn from this sad event?

• The mountain lion evoked much more sympathy than the alpacas. It is difficult to determine whether the alpacas evoked any sympathy at all.

• The alpacas’ owner evoked strong condemnation for her plan to kill the predator before he killed more domestic animals, or perhaps attacked a human.

• Commenters noted that the mountain lion is a native species, while the alpacas were imported from South America. No doubt these same people would be quick to claim that immigrants, including illegal immigrants, have all the rights of native-born citizens. The contradiction escapes them.

• Commenters claimed that the mountain lion was only following his instincts. No, his instincts tell him to kill only what he can eat. If predators killed all the prey they could, they would soon destroy their food supply and starve to death. Those who claim to revere Darwin should take him seriously.

This is not an isolated incident. It is but one of many examples of excessive concern for predators - both animal and human - and deficient concern for their victims. It is but one of many examples of an inverted moral compass that points south instead of north. It is but one of many examples of this principle: .......

These are the people who so often almost seem to prefer death over survival! They carry many naive notions such as believing that disarming good people will reduce crime and "get guns off the streets". They rarely if ever consider how the criminals will be disarmed. As is often mentioned, let these people be disarmed if they so wish - but do NOT stop us from owning one, and the sooner they acknowledge the real world the better.

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