Fight over guns at
Fort Worth Zoo not over

By Anna M. Tinsley. December 9th, 2016

FORT WORTH: The fight over guns isn’t even close to over at the Fort Worth Zoo.

The Texas attorney general’s office recently ruled that signs preventing guns at the zoo are legal, but some gun-carrying Texans say the public notices simply don’t apply to them.

“I could absolutely walk by that sign and open carry in there all day long,” said Terry Holcomb, a pastor and executive director of Texas Carry, a gun-rights group.

That’s because the privately run attraction is on city-owned land, which isn’t off-limits to handguns, he said. But the question is whether he would be arrested for carrying guns past the signs into the attraction.

“This creates an extremely confusing and dangerous situation for a license holder,” he said.

Holcomb said he has received “many, many” phone calls since the attorney general’s office released its recent nonbinding opinion about the Fort Worth Zoo. He said his attorney is talking to state attorneys about this ruling because “we think they missed something.”

AG officials declined to comment. Zoo officials say they will abide by the recent opinion.

And some gun-rights advocates are turning to state lawmakers, saying it’s time to clean up state law so that it’s crystal clear exactly where guns are allowed.

Meanwhile, Holcomb said he’s putting state lawmakers and the Fort Worth Zoo on notice. .......

It would appear that some aspects of the law are sufficiently convoluted and unclear despite the AG's ruling, leading to this current situation. Once again we see a 'gun-free-zone' imposed with no obvious benefit at all - in fact quite the opposite, even if some would declare a zoo to be a 'safe' place. Nowhere is or can be guaranteed 'safe', as various past events have proven.

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