GOP Senators Move to Block
Obama's Gun Ban for Veterans

By AWR Hawkins. March 24th, 2016

Republican Senators are moving to block an Obama gun ban that will otherwise prevent over a quarter of a million military veterans from owning guns.

The gun ban for veterans is being handled the same way as Obama's gun ban for Social Security beneficiaries. Those who cannot manage their own finances are being labeled with a mental health moniker and added to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) as being prohibited from purchasing firearms.

In July 2015 Breitbart News reported that Obama's gun ban against Veterans had already been administered behind the scenes for an unknown amount of time.

The Los Angeles Times pointed to the example of 30-year-old U.S. Marine Steve Overman. He required help with his finances because of "weakened ... memory and cognitive ability" resulting from a roadside bomb in Iraq. The "VA eventually deemed him 100% disabled and after reviewing his case in 2012 declared him incompetent, making his wife his fiduciary." Because of this, he had to get his guns out of his house--taking them a relative's home--in order to avoid losing them. .......

It is to be hoped that this despicable approach to our veteran's gun ownership is quashed. There may be some specific cases where a veteran could be deemed genuinely unsafe to own firearms but, to try and impose a blanket approach based on individual's difficulty in financial management is beyond acceptable. Where is respect for the honor of our service veterans?

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