Real Facts About School & Other
Mass Shooting Defense Tactics

By Tom McHale., May 16th, 2016

What if I told you that all of the mass and school shootings over the past 20 years or so could have been done, to equal effect, by a murderer using a 150-year old lever action rifle?

You know, the same kind that was commonly used in the Civil War?

Or, what if I told you that the majority of mass shootings could have been done, again to the same effect, with a 170-year old single-shot Sharps-type rifle? That rifle was invented 13 years before the Civil War began.

In the collective rush to "fix" the problem of these types of unspeakable crimes, we tend to get collectively stupid by grasping at straws in a desperate race for a solution. You know exactly what I am talking about. When something bad happens, there's an immediate call to ban something. So-called "high-capacity" magazines are almost always blamed for tragic results of mass shootings. The thinking goes that if you reduce magazine capacity, then vicious and heartless murderers wouldn't be able to hurt and kill as many people. You've probably heard all the quotes in the news like this one:

"If only we didn't have these high-capacity magazines on the market, the shooter would never have been able to inflict that level of harm..." .....

This is a detailed and efficient rebuttal of such things as "magazine capacity", semi-auto weapons etc. As is discussed, the typical "knee-jerk" reaction to a mass shooting is usually much the same - "we must ban x,y,or z" - take your choice. 'High-capacity' magazines of course are usually being in the forefront. More important than type of weapon is the time within which an attacker can inflict mayhem, usually measured in multiples of minutes, which is why "gun-free-zones" compound the casualty count - no one is armed and able to resist and mitigate.

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