Tennessee Gun Control Group Spreads
Bad Data to Push Anti-gun Agenda

October 3rd, 2016. Staff

In mid-September, Tennessee gun control group Safe Tennessee Project trumpeted a disturbing new statistic gleaned from the Centers for Disease Control's Web-based Injury Statistics Query and Reporting System (WISQARS) in order to bolster their anti-gun agenda. The group contended that in 2014, 105 Tennesseans were killed in unintentional shootings, a more than five-fold increase from 2013.

As expected, the press dutifully parroted the group's claims. However, the incredible statistic touted by Safe Tennessee Project turned out to be just that, not credible. Following a review of their data, the Tennessee Department of Health, who provided the unintentional shooting data to the CDC, determined that the 105 figure was inaccurate and that the correct number of unintentional shooting deaths in Tennessee in 2014 was five.

On September 13, Safe Tennessee Project published an item on their website titled, "Tennessee Now Leads Nation in Fatal Unintentional Shootings." The article reported that CDC data showed that there were 105 unintentional firearm fatalities in Tennessee in 2015, and noted that this was a marked increase from the previous five years, in which the total number of unintentional firearms deaths ranged from 19-32. As the article's headline suggests, Safe Tennessee Project claimed that this drastic increase made Tennessee the national leader in unintentional firearm fatalities.

Safe Tennessee Project was quick to blame the Volunteer State's gun laws for the alleged increase in unintentional firearm fatalities. ......

Once again, data innacuracies are used to further the 'gun control' agenda. This appears unsurprisingly to be the norm and when coupled with predictable media bias, serves to deceive the public in the hopes for more support. Any and every time this occurs it is essential that distorted facts are exposed and the truth substituted - all part of the battle to try and maintain a level playing field.

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