"Face It, The Second Amendment
No Longer Serves Its Purpose"

By Dan Zimmerman on May 30th, 2016

Without summarizing years worth of blogs and comments, maybe we can all agree that the Second Amendment, as written, no longer serves its purpose. Almost all the disagreement over the meaning of 2A is bound up in interpretation. So long as anyone can form an opinion, and so long as courts will act as a super-legislature (or defender of the public, depending), and as long as government officials believe they have an obligaiton to "fill-in-the-blanks" regarding common sense gun ownership, the fights over the current Amendment will continue . . .

Is it time to accept the reality that in the era in which we now live, the archaic form of expression codified in the Second Amendment is at the root of the issue? And that the Amendment needs to be re-written? Cries of "absolute" are not establishing truth, nor are those claims doing much of anything to move the political needle one way or the other.

The problem with the current wording of the Second Amendment is that we live in a culture of binary conditions, while the Amendment lives in a time of great change in the thinking of how a government should be established and maintained.

My proposal is to re-write the Second Amendment in such a way that it can't be contorted by interpretation. For example: .....

A re-write of the 2A could potentially be fraught with problems, but as many know with the current amendment, it has been open to broad interpretation - that being as negative as possible by those who seek disarmament. To the rest of us "shall not be infringed" is about as positive a statement as is possible. Follow our link to read Dan's example, which would appear to give greater protection though you may disagree - however, most nay sayer antis would probably trash it due to it not being 'reasonable' enough!

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