Criminals Fear Death More
than Arrest in Chicago

By Dean Weingarten. December 8th, 2016
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According to the web site, the city of Chicago was home to 749 homicides so far this year. With over three weeks ’til the end of the year, the annual homicide rate for Chicago should end-up around 28 per 100k residents. That falls into the rates typical for places where the rule of law has failed, such as South Africa (32), Brazil (25), the American Virgin Islands (33), Puerto Rico (24), and Jamaica(36).

Twenty-eight homicides per 100k is the overall rate for the entire city. Some neighborhoods are much more violent, while others have a very low homicide rate. No surprise there. When the rule of law breaks down, people fear the law less than they fear their enemies. Grudges, blood feuds and tribalism (or the proto-tribes known as "gangs") flourish. It’s reasonable to fear being disarmed more than being arrested for being armed. From

But what of the trigger men and boys?

"Their greatest fear is that they’ll be caught on the street without a gun," [Cook County Sheriff] Dart said. "They’re not worried about being caught with a gun, but without a gun. There is a certain logic to it. They know the system, but that’s not what they’re afraid of."

In the gun culture, the saying is "It is better to be tried by 12 than carried by 6." It was nice of Sheriff Dart to remind us of this fact. In fact, The Chicago Tribune and Sheriff Dart seems to have discovered a fundamental truth about guns. Perhaps they should follow that logic train to the next station, and promote firearms ownership amongst the City’s law-abiding population. We’ll be waiting for them there.

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Chicago continues to be top of the tree with shootings and homicides but still, the good guys are kept from being armed, as is their right. The criminals will always be armed and as is mentioned, they fear being without a gun more than they fear the consequences from the law. If the law abiding citizens were able to enjoy their Second Amendment rights, there just might be at least some disincentive for the criminals, knowing they might face a legally armed citizen. The imbalance is both dangerous as well as an infringement.

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