Five Fast Gun Reforms President
Trump Will Sign Into Law

By Bob Owens. November 9th, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump stunned the world last night with a commanding upset victory over the heavy favorite, Democrat Hillary Clinton. In addition to Trump's victory in the contest to be the 45th President of the United States, the National Rifle Association's five million members helped retain control of the Senate by backing victorious GOP contenders in Florida, Missouri, Indiana, North Carolina, and Wisconsin (at this time, New Hampshire's Senate contest between Kelly Ayotte (R) and Maggie Hassan (D) remains too close to call). The House also remains comfortably under the control of the GOP.

The NRA pumped more money into Trump's election than any super-PAC, and Trump has a reputation for standing by his allies.

Here are five fast gun law reforms President Trump and his Republican House and Senate can make.

Ending Gun-Free Zones On Military Bases
National Concealed Carry Reciprocity
Legalizing Silencers
NICS Background Check Reform
Allow Importation of Collectable Historical Firearms

These are five laws that a Republican Congress and President Trump can pass within the first 90-180 days, but they are not the only laws being considered. ......

There are many restrictions and controls in existence against the gun owner that could well be gotten rid of, but the five mentioned sound like a potentially good start. For so long now, the attempts have been made to infringe on the Second Amendment while claiming at the same time to support it - all efforts to in a sense 'dumb down' the 2A. The time is perhaps soon upon us when we can hopefully see common sense rule over what has almost become in recent years, progressive rape of the Bill of Rights.
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