The extent of gun ownership
across New South Wales

(Thanks to Peter Cunningham from New South Wales for this information.)

The Greens and populist media are at it again to perpetuate fear in society. They are claiming the high moral ground at the expense of an element in society who demonstrably pose no danger.

Some thoughts --

1) If a licensed firearm owner owns (say) 300 firearms, and that person "snaps" (as is the term used) - How many of those 300 firearms can be carried and used? Accordingly - what relevance have numbers other than generating fear?

2) Why do police issue firearms licenses to people if - as is again being promoted - that those people pose such a danger to society?

3) As governments are by far the biggest killers on earth where those "peace loving governments" are armed with a variety of things to cheaply and efficiently blow people into little bits - Would the world not be safer place if ALL governments were disarmed? (that's a much greater leap than trying to disarm criminals!)

Being ignorant and fearful is clearly preferable to putting the facts together in perspective.

Go to to read the "logic" described for reforming permitted gun numbers. Also, go to this page to read the "shock" figures on individuals in various NSW postcodes.

Here is a classic example of how "arsenal" paranoia is expressed by the "Greens" in Australia - echoed here in the U.S. also by many anti-gun people, who hate even one firearm. It seems there has always been this fear of "arsenals" - a term so loosely used to express even a collection of maybe only 10 or fewer. It's a psychological condition.

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