Brady Campaign Goes Into Hysterics Pushing
Gun Control As Congress Returns From Recess

By Bob Owens. September 6, 2016

If you listen to the claims made by Dan Gross from Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, 4,500 people were killed in the streets of America in the weeks the House and Senate were on summer recess.

You can almost see report Tim Devaney's eyes roll as he typed up Brady's hysterical claims.

Thousands of Americans were shot to death while Congress was on its summer break, according to gun control activists.

The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence reported Tuesday that 4,500 people have been shot and killed since lawmakers left town in mid-July.

Lawmakers will be greeted by protests from gun control advocates Tuesday as they return to Capitol Hill.

"Congress is in for a rude awakening today if they thought seven weeks of vacation would wipe the slate clean," Brady President Dan Gross. "While Congress enjoyed nearly two months of sun and fun, the American people paid the ultimate price for Congress' inaction, with 4,500 shot and killed during August recess alone. Now that they're finally back at work, gun violence must be a priority for Congress."

The group intends to "plaster offices of the corporate gun lobby's most loyal lap dogs" with the names of their constituents who were shot to death during August recess.

Interestingly, Gross and Brady didn"t provide any data to support their claims. .......

As is saliently mentioned - "It's not a "gun violence"problem. It's a thug culture problem." Perhaps with Chicago probably topping the list, that should be concentrated on, instead of making broad unsupported claims and ignoring the criminal subculture. The Brady idea of 'gun control' is naive at best, with little thought toward common sense and practicality.

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