Mississippi Senate Passes Bill for
Constitutional Carry and Setting Foundation
to Reject Some Federal Gun Control

From 10th Amendment Center. March 2016

JACKSON, Miss. (Mar. 29, 2016) -- Today, the Mississippi Senate passed a bill that not only allows unlicensed, "constitutional carry," but also sets the foundation to reject and end new federal gun control regulations and executive orders.

Originally introduced as a church security bill to allow those with a concealed carry permit to have a firearm in church, House Bill 786 (HB786) was passed in the House by a vote of 85-33. However, when it was sent to the Senate, the scope of the bill was greatly expanded in the Judiciary A Committee. As noted by a report from

House Judiciary B Committee Chairman Andy Gipson, R-Braxton, himself a lawyer and minister of a small church, was able to add an amendment to allow unlicensed carry of a concealed gun elsewhere in the state so long as it is in a holster or scabbard on the belt or shoulder.

This builds on laws adopted in 2013 legalizing open carry and one last year to allow for carry in a purse or bag without a permit.

Additionally, Gipson's amendment included language from House Bill 782 (HB782), introduced by Rep. Mark Formby (R-Picayune), along with 30 cosponsors. That bill passed the House last month by a vote of 75-46. The language included in HB786 would take on federal gun control measures issued by rule, regulation, agency order, or executive order. It reads: .......

Another seeming piece of good news for gun owners in Mississippi, and it is about the fourth such news in recent times towards constitutional carry. There are way too many states lagging behind on this development and sadly some who it seems will be unlikely to ever respect the Second Amendment. Read the entire article for full details.

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