Retired Cops and anti-2A New Jersey

By Tony Oliva. February 8th, 2016

A new story out of the People's Republic of New Jersey in which the state refuses to give out concealed carry permits to retired police officers of State Universities.

In case your college didn't have its own police force let me just say that ones who serve as such are not just glorified mall cops but rather actual police officers with arrest powers, squad cars and firearms. They are in all sense of the words cops whose beat is the Campus and the surrounding area.

For instance, the University of Pittsburgh has over 100 officers, six motorcycle cops, 4 K-9 officers and a SWAT team.

From the University of Pittsburgh's police page:

The University of Pittsburgh Police Department is the third-largest law enforcement agency in Allegheny County, providing 24-hour protection for nearly 40,000 students, faculty, and staff. We cover the 132-acre Pittsburgh campus, along with University facilities in outlying Pittsburgh neighborhoods, such as the Surplus Warehouse on Thomas Boulevard and the South Side Sports Complex.

The Pitt Cops, as students refer to them enjoy all the benefits of City Cops. But to our neighboring state to the East, New Jersey, apparently they do not. ......

'Gun control' in New Jersey has little effect on the gang culture - what a surprise. And yet, the average law abiding tax-paying citizen who wants a CCW might as well try and make pigs fly, because the state's approach to the Second Amendment is generally desultory at best. Oh and remember - don't have one of those nasty hollow point bullets in your ammo!

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