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March 3, 2000

JPFO Blasts AJC for 'Ghetto Jew Mentality' in School Shooting

U.S. Newswire

HARTFORD, Wis., March 3 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) strongly denounced the March 1 statement issued by the American Jewish Congress (AJC) which called for more federal victim disarmament laws. The AJC's statement, responding to the Feb. 29 Michigan grade school killing, demanded "tough gun control legislation" as the remedy. Speaking for JPFO, Aaron Zelman called the AJC's demand an example of "ghetto Jew mentality."

"Turning to a secular central government to solve a parenting problem shows how morally bankrupt the AJC position is," said Zelman, JPFO's executive director. "Judaism is about timeless moral values and strong family structures -- not about calling in the federal government every time somebody commits a crime."

"By agitating for more victim disarmament laws, the AJC works against Jewish values. Jews, like everyone else, have a duty to protect and defend themselves and their families against violence," Zelman noted. "Turning to a non-Jewish secular government to save everyone from crime violates Jewish principles -- it's making the state your god."

Zelman challenged the AJC to affirm traditional values and morals. "I don't see the AJC actively working to preserve the Jewish principles of fundamental respect for human life, punishment of wrongdoers, and clear moral training of children. The AJC wants the federal government to prevent honest citizens from having the tools for self-protection, yet the AJC does nothing to knit the social fabric around God's laws."

Anticipating a flurry of calls for victim disarmament laws, Zelman criticized the lobbyists who "advance the political agenda called 'gun control' on the bodies of dead children." He also noted that the Mount Morris grade school tragedy would get national media attention, while the thousands of cases of children being protected by armed defenders go unreported. "According to Florida State University Professor Gary Kleck's research, firearms are used to prevent crime nearly 2 million times per year. Firearms misuse is comparatively rare but grabs the headlines," Zelman said.

With the AJC's advocating more federal victim disarmament, Zelman observed that "the AJC ignores both Jewish morality and the importance of armed self-defense. Historically, that combination has been lethal for Jews. The AJC certainly demolishes the image that Jews are smart."

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