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March 14, 2000

Jewish Civil Rights Group Condemns Reform Rabbi’s "Gun Control" Stance

Many American Jews strongly disagree with the March 16 statement of Rabbi Eric Yoffie, President of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations, which called for more "gun control" laws. "Rabbi Yoffie does not speak for Jews who cherish the Bill of Rights and believe in self-defense," declares Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).

According to Zelman, "It is immoral for Jews to defend evil, or to favor policies that get people murdered. Jewish law commands Jews to defend themselves and their families. So-called ’gun control’ laws do not stop criminals, but they do discourage or illegalize self-defense. For Rabbi Yoffie to support victim disarmament laws is very un-Jewish and un-American."

"American soldiers, defending our Constitution, saved some unarmed Jews from annihilation during World War II," remarks Zelman. "When Rabbi Yoffie defiles the Bill of Rights by supporting victim disarmament laws, he spits in the eye of every veteran who liberated a Nazi death camp."

Zelman fears a backlash against all Jews because of the lobbying efforts of several national Jewish organizations. "By working to destroy the Bill of Rights, these Jewish groups are fanning the flames of anti-Semitism. A lot of Americans resent people like Rabbi Yoffie who fail to learn from history and who trample our fundamental rights," he says.

Rabbi Yoffie’s position also divides Americans along religious lines. "America has long held a basically Christian tradition and outlook. Most Christians value individual human life. They understand the right and duty of self-defense," noted Zelman. "Rabbi Yoffie and his group oppose the right of self-defense, and that shows a callous disregard of individual human lives. Devaluing human life that way sets those Jewish groups directly against the prevailing Christian moral view, and that’s a big mistake."

JPFO expects the victim disarmament lobby to try to stampede legislators into enacting more "gun laws" immediately after the next high profile case of violence. "I expect Rabbi Yoffie to join the others dancing on the graves of murder victims to achieve the political goal of preventing people from defending themselves. Jewish anti-self defense fanatics really disprove the idea that Jews are smart and value life."

Dear JPFO Supporters,

Please fax or e-mail copies of this press release to your local media outlets. If everybody faxes to just one newspaper, radio or TV station, that would mean thousands more chances that JPFO’s viewpoint will be transmitted to others. Fax and e-mail are fast and almost free. Don’t wait another day ... please take this simple action right now!

If you have read "The Mitzvah", by Aaron Zelman and L. Neil Smith, then you already understand Rabbi Yoffie’s mind-set better than do most Americans. Jews and non-Jews alike can get an inside view into the anti-self defense mentality and the dangerous stupidity of some Jews and their leaders by reading "The Mitzvah".

Order a copy -- it’s a quick-read entertaining novel of ideas that is great for you or as a gift idea. Most importantly, The Mitzvah can help open minds for liberty and counteract Rabbi Yoffie’s treacherous attack on the Bill of Rights.

The "gun control" victim disarmament lobby has launched a full court press for this year’s election. To win, gun prohibitionists must evade the question of personal self-defense. The book "Dial 911 and Die" puts the gun prohibitionists on the defensive ... and keeps them there. How? By destroying the victim-making notion that "you don’t need a gun for protection from criminals, all you need is a telephone to call 911."

You can use the facts from "Dial 911 and Die" to show that the government and police have no obligation to protect citizens, and therefore citizens must protect themselves. HCI and the anti-self defense lobbyists, politicians and media figures aren’t promising to protect the people they disarm. It’s a fraud and a scam, and "Dial 911 and Die" proves it beyond a doubt. Order two copies ... one for you and one for a doubter. All Americans must learn these facts.

The Mitzvah: $10.95 postage paid.

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--From The Liberty Crew

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