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March 25th 2000

Beretta Sub Machine Guns -- Only $320!
(We Told You So)

By Richard W. Stevens, Esq.
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

When guns are outlawed, only the outlaws will sell guns.

Exactly one year ago this column headlined "The $200 Machine Gun"  We predicted that when guns become illegal to own and sell, then the criminal element would rush in to fill the demand. Thieves, smugglers and black market gun makers could supply machine guns for about $200 apiece.

About three years ago, the British government all but outlawed private firearms ownership in Britain. Because one vicious killer used a firearm to commit multiple murders in 1996, victim-disarming politicians rushed to ban nearly all private gun ownership and possession nationwide.

The result? According to the January 16, 2000 edition of the Sunday Times of London, "up to 3 million illegal guns are in circulation in Britain, leading to a rise in drive-by shootings and gangland-style executions." (archive of article content)

What are the prices of illegal guns? According to the Sunday Times, "a third of young criminals, [ages 15 to 25 with prior convictions], own or have access to guns ranging from Beretta sub-machineguns to Luger pistols, which can be bought from underworld dealers for as little as 200." ($320 U.S.)

How do the guns get into the "gun free" island nation? The Sunday Times reported: "Criminals have maintained a steady flow of smuggled guns from eastern Europe, exhibition weapons reactivated in illegal "factories" run by underworld dealers, and guns stolen from private collections."

As predicted, when ownership of all guns becomes illegal, the buyers will shift toward the higher power weapons. "There is a move from the pistol and the shotgun to automatic weapons," British Detective Superintendent Keith Hudson told the Sunday Times.

British criminals have all the guns they want. The Sunday Times thus reported: "Detectives say modern weapons are fast becoming fashion accessories among young drug dealers protecting themselves and their territory."

Are British people safer? Crime rates are soaring in Britain. The British Home Office, according to the Sunday Times, released figures showing that "overall, armed crime rose 10% in 1998" -- the year after national handgun prohibition began.

Usually, when the government passes a law that causes problems for people, the citizens can petition the government to change the law. Gun prohibition, however, does more than just endanger citizens by preventing them from protecting their lives and loved ones.

Gun prohibition damages the whole society by creating a huge opportunity for organized crime to prosper. Even if the prohibition law is later repealed, the organized crime elements might be entrenched with enough money and power to get into other legal or illegal businesses. Political corruption, started during the prohibition, likewise will not just disappear when the laws are changed again.

The British example shows how the ultimate "gun control" will likely work in America. Criminals will get rich selling illegal weapons to other criminals, and ordinary citizens will suffer a violent crime wave. The national "instant check" system and the "Brady Bill" won't even matter.

Americans must not give up their right to personal self-defense. We must not turn over the firearms industry to thieves and thugs. And we must not let Americans be so gullible as to believe the "dial 911" false promise of police protection, when actually we are legally responsible for protecting ourselves. (Get the facts for all 50 states from Dial 911 and Die -- available from JPFO store.)

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