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JPFO Freedom Music


Original and public-domain freedom-oriented music FREE for download


Contribute your own music!

These files are in MP3 format and unless otherwise specified are copyrighted by their respective performers. They are free to download and distribute strictly for non-commercial purposes only.

(PC users - right click on link and ''save target'' to download a copy)

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Jeremy Zelman -


More Recent - Luca Zanna
More Recent (Jan 2012) - Madison Rising


  More Recent - Thomas Paden


More Recent (Nov 2011) - Spartacus Jones


Marvin Wright
  • "G-d, Guns and Guts". (2.3Mb)
    You've seen the bumper sticker - now listen to the music.
    (copyright 1989 Marvin Wright)


Larken Rose


Rockne Van Meter
  • Justice Day (classic rock version) (2.4MB)
    (copyright 2005 Claire Wolfe & Aaron Zelman)


Opium War
  • Justice Day (heavy metal version) (4.5MB)
    (copyright 2005 Claire Wolfe & Aaron Zelman)


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