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May 8, 2000

Something We Must All Do For Mothers' Day

(JPFO received this e-mail message, and we're transmitting to everyone for action.)

On Sun, 7 May 2000 13:28:38 -0700, "John Brantuk" wrote:

Okay, everyone, the media onslaught in favor of more gun control via the "Million Misinformed Moms" has started. In both of my local newspapers today were FRONT PAGE "reports" regarding the pro-taking-away-our-rights march on Mothers' Day. There wasn't the slightest bit of mention that there is another side to this issue, and WE better get OUR message out if we want to retain what's left of our Second Amendment rights.

Additionally, on the ABC "news" program with Sam Donaldson and C. Roberts they ended the show by announcing they would be interviewing ROSIE O'DONNELL from the site of the "Million Moms March" next week! No mention was made of ANY balance or differing viewpoints to be discussed!

Please go to the ABC web site and encourage them to have the integrity to provide BOTH sides of the issue! Click on

It is imperative that we ALL write letters to the editors of our newspapers - don't let them get away with ignoring the Pro-Second Amendment side!

Last, please, Please, PLEASE get yourself, your families, and your friends to one of the Second Amendment Sisters "Armed Informed Mothers" counter-demonstrations next Sunday! I know that it is a day that many of us attend church, golf, sleep in, whatever; but if we truly value our right to keep and bear arms we better have a LARGER showing than the misinformed moms, or the media will really shove more gun control down our (and our elected "representatives") throats!

If you need information on where to find a Second Amendment Sisters march near you, visit their web site at

For Freedom.

John W. Brantuk, Sr.

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