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June 30, 2000

If Dr. Seuss Talked to your Rabbi

If you're crabby 'cause your rabbi says you can't go out and shoot
'Cause about the 2nd amendment he doesn't give a hoot,
Then get savvy 'bout your history and you'll soon become astute
On the lessons that it teaches about freedom, faith and truth

If he says that they are evil and you shouldn't own a gun
And he thinks they are for killing -- never safety, food or fun,
Then ask him why in Israel every school guard there is armed
To protect the little children there from terror murder -- harm

If he says that they're too easy for children to obtain
Ask why 40 years ago most schools contained a range
And rifle teammate members gladly brought them on the bus
And never once an incident for anyone to fuss

If your rabbi he is crabby 'cause your family you'll defend,
And he does not understand why your firearm is your friend,
'Cause he thinks the cops must save you if 911 you dial,
Just ask him if a court has ever said such at a trial

The state's not liable says the court
To grant for you relief by tort
If the bad guys rape and rob and pillage,
And the cops they fail to save our village

So ask your rabbi -- teacher -- friend, who it is that will defend
'gainst murder, robbery, plunder, rape, when laws say guns must be in safes
And what if -- God in Heaven forbid -- of another Hitler we must be rid
How many this time to the showers'll go -- for want of a pistol, we'd like to know?

by Charles Heller

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