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August 7, 2000

Getting Hollywood’s Attention ... Using Their Language

By Aaron S. Zelman
Executive Director,
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership

Please go see The Patriot right away. I am urgently asking you to see this movie, and to take spouses, friends and family with you, for four reasons.

The first reason: This gripping adventure story vividly tells a human tale of challenge, pain, loss, courage and victory. Benjamin Martin (played by Mel Gibson) is a widowed father whose dedication to protecting his family explodes into calculating fury when British troops mercilessly execute his son during the Revolutionary War. Driven by his commitment to the principles of liberty and justice, Martin joins with other colonials in guerrilla warfare against the British troops in battles that eventually won American independence.

Exciting, powerful, heart-wrenching -- The Patriot confronts us with the real cost of our liberty, and how that cost was paid. Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, says The Patriot "will bring a lump to your throat and a tear to your eye." Nationally-known pro-liberty editorialist Vin Suprynowicz observed moviegoers "are actually wiping away tears and rising to their feet to cheer at the picture's conclusion."

The second reason: Freedom-loving Americans must reward companies that make patriotic films. Learning about our Revolutionary War history is excellent, but to encourage more films like The Patriot, we must make sure those films succeed financially. Box office proceeds -- money -- is what sells an idea in Hollywood. When moviemakers do something right, we need to speak to them in their language -- money.

Mel Gibson, star of The Patriot, said: "This film is about personal freedom -- which many people take for granted today." The best way to cheer for the message of The Patriot is to see it.

The third reason: This movie makes clear what the Second Amendment means by "well-regulated militia": private individuals, often very young men, bearing arms and knowing how to use them. Gun-phobic critics cringed when they saw teens in the film carrying and using firearms properly for hunting and then for defense of themselves and their homeland. It drives these critics (and their gun prohibitionist allies) crazy because The Patriot depicts the historical truth for all America to see. As Larry Pratt wrote, "Our freedom and independence was not won by men using slingshots. And there are lots of guns and shooting in this film."

Women who aren't sure how firearms fit into the fabric of America need to see this film. Seeing what it requires to protect and defend home and family will help many women understand why we need an armed citizenry. Many scenes in The Patriot graphically show why a firearm can be called "The Equalizer."

The fourth reason: The end product of the Revolutionary War was our Bill of Rights. Ordinary Americans just like the Benjamin Martin character sacrificed so much to win that War to achieve not only political independence but to preserve fundamental human rights. The Patriot energizes people to celebrate our liberty and our rights -- and there is no better day to thank America's patriots than by celebrating on December 15 each year: Bill of Rights Day.

Centuries away from that awesome struggle, when was the last time you sat down to explain the Bill of Rights to a youngster, a new immigrant, a friend? If you haven't done it, then you're unknowingly helping the enemies of freedom.

You can join the modern struggle to preserve our liberty and our rights -- and now it's easier than ever. JPFO offers everything you need to teach people all about the Bill of Rights and to celebrate Bill of Rights Day. You can get:

Please see or re-see The Patriot right away -- get enthusiastic -- and then get the message to others using the "Common Sense" booklets and the Bill of Rights Day kits. Too many patriots suffered too much to win our liberty, we must not just fritter it away. Act today! Call us at (800) 869-1884, (800) 869-1884, or visit

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