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September 7, 2000

New Group Targets Police State Policies in America

Totally new and ready to go - the organization dedicated to stopping and reversing America's steady drift toward a police state. It's Concerned Citizens Opposed to Police States - we call it CCOPS.

What is a police state? Basically, you have a police state when you have a large central government power structure that tells the people what to do. In a police state, you are required to do certain things - and you are prohibited from doing most anything else. You live in fear of failing to do what's required, and of being caught for doing something that's not allowed.

Aren't all governments like that? No. The Founders' vision was a government that protected the rights of individual citizens to life, liberty and property. They built a nation of laws that established the rules of the game in which free people function and interact voluntarily. That means freedom in the home, freedom in the marketplace, freedom in your backyard. A society with a limited government, whose job is to keep the peace among free people, is not a police state.

What does CCOPS do? CCOPS has one broad purpose: to oppose the formation of police states anywhere in the world. It especially focuses on the United States and North America, because that is where CCOPS is based. Opposing police states and preventing them from arising are powerful ways to protect every individual's rights to life, liberty, property and the pursuit of happiness.

Why was CCOPS formed? CCOPS is not limited to charitable or educational functions, so CCOPS can advocate or criticize legislation and political candidates. While JPFO remains dedicated by law to its vital educational purpose, CCOPS can charge onto the battlefield on many issues without legal concerns forced upon us by the government.

CCOPS bought its freedom from government control by giving up the tax exempt charitable/educational status. People have clamored for JPFO to take positions on political issues and candidates, but JPFO must not do that. CCOPS can - CCOPS will.

Does America need CCOPS? Absolutely yes. At this moment CCOPS is gathering together the data showing how America's society and government are taking on the qualities of a police state.

Speech codes. Political correctness. Persecution of disfavored minorities. Central government dictating the details of the lives and conduct of private citizens. Agencies developing technology and arming agents to track, snoop, restrict, license, tax, regulate, register and harass the citizens. Campaigns of coordinated disinformation. Destruction of core values that support individual liberty by engines of the state.

CCOPS changes the way people see the problem. Most Americans don't know anything about the Bill of Rights. Showing that government edict or program violates the Bill of Rights doesn't seem to excite too many Americans. But whether they consider themselves leftist or rightist, nearly all Americans will understand when CCOPS unmasks a "police state policy." And that's exactly how CCOPS can generate public outrage - and action.

Does CCOPS attack police officers? No. CCOPS applauds the police officers who carry out their vital duties to keep the peace in our society. CCOPS welcomes and actively seeks members from the ranks of the police and military services. When necessary, CCOPS will not hesitate to expose individuals who trample our Bill of Rights.

Most of the men and women who serve as peace officers and in the armed forces understand their key role in our society, and they respect the limits of their duties. The more these people understand how a free society operates and the dangers of a police state, the safer we all become with their help.

Why should people join CCOPS? To take a stand against police state policies. To stop Big Brother before he moves in permanently. To combat the fascist and socialist ideas that underlie the seemingly endless expansion of big government. To protect ourselves, our children and our nation from the horrors that befall a land that allows itself to become a police state.

If you are against Sarah Brady, Charlie Schumer and other freedom-haters, then you are for CCOPS. You must choose: Will it be a police state? Or will it be an America run for and by the Bill of Rights?

Join us. Sign up today. Click on

Thank you,

Aaron Zelman

P.S.: Be sure to sign up for the CCOPS internet e-mail alerts. Many CCOPS messages will be too political for JPFO to send. The only source of all CCOPS information will be CCOPS itself. The e-mail alert service is free.

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