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September 20, 2000

CCOPS Art Contest: Political cartoons by future leaders

CCOPS is offering a unique opportunity for talented kids to express their support for liberty and their opposition to rights destroyers!

Here is the deal:

Your child (age 17 and under) submits to CCOPS a political cartoon that deals with some aspect about the Bill of Rights or life in a police state.

We're looking for cartoons especially that illustrate and show how our rights are misunderstood, trampled, or under attack. Cartoons can focus on particular political figures or entities. They can highlight elements of life in a police state. They can be serious or humorous, lampoons, satires, or darkly poignant. Cartoons can include dialogue and captions, as desired. We will consider cartoons that positively celebrate the Bill of Rights, too.

CCOPS will monthly select one of the cartoons and post it on the Internet page.

If your child's cartoon is selected, and you are a paid member of CCOPS, then your child will receive $50 plus 50 Gran'pa Jack booklets (the child's choice of titles.) If your child's cartoon is selected but you are not then a current paid member of CCOPS, then your child wins $25 plus 50 Gran'pa Jack booklets -- and you will receive a free one year membership to CCOPS.

This is a splendid opportunity for your children to express their pro-liberty views and display their artistry worldwide. They get experience in promoting liberty and earning money for in their effort. Pure American capitalism, don't you love it?

Start encouraging your kids today!

Note: please only send cartoons you would be proud to show to others.

All cartoon submissions become the exclusive property of CCOPS. We may retain a cartoon if we believe we can use the cartoon at some time in the future. However, if we decide we cannot use a cartoon for any purpose, then we can send it back and transfer all property rights back to the artist -- but only if you have supplied a self-addressed stamped envelope for that purpose. Otherwise, we may discard unused and unreturned drawings.

All entries must be black ink line art only -- with relatively thick lines since the winning cartoon will be scanned and then reduced in size for display on the web -- the example cartoon on the ccops site has lost some of its line solidity in the scanning-and-reduction process. White paper size 8.5 x 11 inches is best. Artists may submit one entry per month. Be sure to include full name, address, and telephone number with all submissions. All CCOPS decisions about the winning cartoons are final.

Send submissions to:

CCOPS Art Contest
P.O. Box 270205
Hartford, WI 53027

See the sample cartoon at

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