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October 25, 2000

Psychiatric Study Fingers The Real "Nuts"!

All of the fact-oriented arguments for "gun control" are demolished, but the idea hangs on by a thread. Why? Because so many of the Americans who believe in "gun control" suffer from a mental condition.

If you are serious about protecting your right to keep and bear arms, then you need to get and use this new ammunition: the psychiatric analysis that puts the opposition on the defensive. Click on

and read the JPFO-sponsored article by Sarah Thompson, M.D.

It's entitled: "Raging Against Self-Defense -- A Psychiatrist Examines the Anti-Gun Mentality." You can also find it at pages 7-12 in the Fall 2000 Issue of the Bill of Rights Sentinel.

Dr. Thompson unmasks the average anti-gun person to reveal a person terrified. Terrified of his own emotions. Terrified of her neighbors. Terrified that someone out there is actually able and willing to use self-defense. These terrors convert to rage, and that rage is aimed at ... guns and gun owners.

These psychological insights empower liberty lovers to do two things. First, by revealing what motivates the hatred of guns and gun owners, we can destroy the credibility of the "gun control" lobby that fans that hate and fear. Second, we can approach anti-gun individuals with caring respect, and work with them one-on-one to help them see the world differently.

You won't find this kind of analysis in JAMA or Psychology Today. Yet Dr. Thompson's profound insights shift the whole debate. Instead of trying to defend the facts and truth against emotional outbursts, you can now ask a very different question: "What is it that terrifies you so much?"

Every person who wants to preserve the right to keep and bear arms -- the right to effective self-defense -- must read Dr. Thompson's article. Print it out, sit down with a cup of coffee and marker, and grasp these concepts. Open up to a whole new way to understand our friends, relatives, and fellow Americans whom we love but who seem so irrational on the issue of firearms ownership.

To maximize your time efficiency right now, please do these three things:

1. Forward this e-mail to as many other freedom lovers as you know. It's just an easy e-mail operation. Don't waste a minute.

2. Click on and download Dr. Thompson's article at:

3. Cut and paste the JPFO Press Release (below) and forward it to as many newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations as you can. It is also posted on the October 24, 2000, listings at

This psychiatric analysis approach moves the "gun control" debate to a very different place -- a place where the clear- headed rational people can lead the muddled fearful folks to a world of sanity and freedom. Take heart -- take action!

The Liberty Crew

* * *
JPFO Press Release
October 24, 2000
Contact: Aaron Zelman (800) 869-1884

Psychiatric Analysis Shows Anti-Gun People Suffer "Mental Condition"

Irrationally fearing both their own feelings and the motivations of their neighbors, many anti-gun people lapse into psychological defense patterns. These patterns, according to Sarah Thompson, M.D., lay the foundation of the anti-gun mentality. Dr. Thompson, a psychiatrist and author, detailed these observations in the Fall 2000 issue of the Bill of Rights Sentinel, published by Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO).

"Defense mechanisms distort reality," notes Dr. Thompson. "The common thread in anti-gun people is rage."

Dr. Thompson's article, entitled "Raging Against Self Defense," explains that many people are terrified not only by the risk of crime but also by their own angry feelings. To bury these scary thoughts, some people project them onto other people and inanimate objects. Beliefs that other people will attack without warning, or that firearms are the cause of violence, are two results of this emotional defense mechanism known as "projection."

Another defense mechanism typical of the anti-gun mentality is "denial." Because of their anxiety about helplessness and vulnerability, some people flatly reject any facts that suggest any need to protect themselves. "It can't happen here" is the typical expression of denial.

Reacting to Dr. Thompson's findings, Aaron Zelman, Executive Director of JPFO, noted: "It always seems strange that some people actually oppose the right to self-defense. These psychological insights help explain why some Americans can't understand the right to keep and bear arms. They are suffering from a mental condition."

Hatred of guns and gun owners flares up, Dr. Thompson finds, because anxious anti-gun people see the very existence of firearms as proving self-defense is necessary. Anti-gun people have psychologically denied the need for self-defense, but firearms ownership shatters their illusion. So they conclude that the gun owners must be the violent menace.

"Rosie O'Donnell proved the point," commented Zelman. "She said she wanted all gun owners thrown in prison, regardless of whether those owners committed any actual crime. That sort of unthinking rage against responsible firearms ownership could only come from someone with some kind of emotional problem."

Studies show that firearms are used well over 5,000 times per day to stop or deter crimes. "You can't reasonably deny that firearms save lives," Zelman said. "You would have to be crazy to want to make it harder for innocent people to protect themselves."

Dr. Thompson's article is posted at

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