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December 7, 2000

Britain: Guns banned, crimes up, cops armed

How many times do we hear it? "Britain has 'gun control', people don't have guns, and the murder rate there is lower. The people are so safe in Britain that even the police officers (bobbies) don't carry guns. That's what America should do: ban guns, and be a safer society."

Here's the latest news from the Great Britain: After their notorious gun grab from private citizens, the violent crime rate is higher. And guess what? The British police are starting to carry guns.

Read about it from a British newspaper, The Guardian: click to read Guardian article

Policing experts in Britain, according to the article, say that arming police officers with guns is a trend that is increasing all over the country.

But why, we ask? We've been told that "gun control" -- gun bans especially -- decrease crime and make a safer society. So why do British police officers need more guns now that guns are supposedly out of the hands of private citizens?

We doubt that Handgun Control Inc. and the rest of the civilian disarmament lobby will utter even a peep of protest against the British arming their cops. HCI and the rest favor allowing only government agents to be armed legally, and nobody else.

Ask yourself: When has HCI ever spoken out to criticize government agents using force against citizens? When has HCI ever complained about death by government?

The big lie -- "Britain is safer because of gun prohibition" -- is now totally exposed. Use this fact -- help stop, and then help reverse, civilian disarmament in the U.S. Unless, of course, your vision of the good society is one populated by armed government agents and unarmed citizens.

The Liberty Crew

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