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January 17, 2001

Boy Scouts of America

Dear JPFO Supporters:

The Boy Scouts of America is under siege. Why is this of importance to Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership? Because the Boy Scouts of America has a long tradition of teaching firearms safety and responsible firearms ownership. It was through the Boy Scouts that I was taught comprehensive firearms safety and earned the Marksmanship merit badge at age 13. A US Supreme Court ruling last summer upholding the right of BSA to exclude Scoutmasters living an "alternate lifestyle" has cities such as Los Angeles yanking sponsorship. This is coming in the form of funding severance from the private business sector and disallowing Scout troops from meeting in city owned buildings.

In addition, the Union of American Hebrew Congregations (UAHC) and the Central Conference of American Rabbis (CCAR)--two leading bodies of American Jews, neither of which embraces core Jewish, Torah values--has called for synagogues sponsoring Scout troops to pull their support from the Scout movement. See

These are the same self anointed spokesmen for Judaism piloting the Anti Private Firearms Ownership juggernaut in direct contradiction to millennia old Biblical and Talmudic teachings defining the right and obligation of self defense, primarily derived from Exodus (the second book of the Old Testament), Chapter 22:1. (In certain English translations, such as the King James version, the verse appears further into the chapter). The underlying concept of the homeowner rightfully killing a nighttime intruder is explained there. The Bible's rationale is crystal clear. The intruder, knowing the home is occupied, is intent on killing the dweller should he or she offer resistance to the robbery. For that reason, the Word of G-d is "Rise up and kill him (the intruder) first." For a more detailed study of this topic, see

This outrage cannot be ignored. It has nothing to do with discrimination, as "gays" are not adherents to their lifestyle through religion, race or ethnicity. It has everything to do with genuine Jewish values and the continuance of pro Second Amendment exposure to young men that might otherwise grow up to send contributions to Sarah Brady and her ilk.

What can you do? As in our battle against victim disarmament, grassroots activism is the key to keeping this cancer of police state mentality from spreading. If you belong to a synagogue, church, or school PTA that feels the Boy Scouts of America is guilty of discrimination by exercising its legal right to choose Scout leaders that can act as moral role models to impressionable boys and teens, stand up and speak out for what we all know to be right. In the Scout oath, young men pledge to be morally straight. They are entitled, both by law and common sense, to adult leaders capable of teaching them how to live up to that oath.

Please read the appended letter from Ed Meese, former US Attorney General during the Reagan administration.

Rabbi R. Mermelstein and the Liberty Crew

* * *
JANUARY 12, 2001

Dear Friend of Scouting;

For nearly a century, Scouting has helped millions of boys mature into responsible men and good citizens. Unfortunately, Scouting recently has come under increasing attack. We are launching this newsletter to help keep you informed about what is happening with Scouting around the country.

A coalition of liberal activists, homosexuals, atheists and feminists were enraged last June when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Constitutional right of the Scouts to prevent openly homosexual men from serving as Scoutmasters. Since then, as you know, they have made the Scouts the target of their anger.

I agreed to chair the Scouting Legal Defense Fund for two reasons. One was because there has never been a time when Scouting's positive influence has been more essential to our nation's future than it is today. But it was also clear to me that the Scouts are merely taking the brunt of what is a much broader assault. The same Constitutional rights of speech and association that protect the Scouts also protect tens of thousands of other groups and organizations. We must never lose sight of the fact that all of these groups are the true target of this liberal coalition.

So, in defending the Scouts we are also defending all of these other groups that together comprise the essential fabric of our country.

I look forward to joining with you in this defense!

Ed Meese
Chairman, Scouting Legal Defense Fund


Because the focus of the attacks on Scouting has shifted in recent months from the national level to the local level, most of us who are concerned about Scouting never hear about them. Equally important, most of us do not hear about the successful defense of Scouting which is also occurring in many local areas. The goal of this newsletter is to help remedy that. About every two weeks, we will give you a quick overview of some of the more significant and interesting developments around the country. Where possible, we will include a link to more detailed information. We have added you to the list of people receiving this newsletter because we think you are someone who is concerned about the future of Scouting. However, if you prefer not to continue receiving it, simply follow the easy "unsubscribe" process outlined below. I also hope that you will help us make this newsletter even more useful. If the Scouts are under attack in your local area, please let us know so we can pass the word. Simply e-mail us at .

Peter Ferrara

P.S. To learn more about the Scouting Legal Defense Fund, please visit our Web site,
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

** Communities and school districts large and small are withdrawing support for the Scouts or facing lawsuits to force them to do so. The Los Angeles City Council adopted an anti-Scout ordinance which among other things ends police sponsorship of the Scouts and stops free use of meeting rooms in city facilities (article at
[Link appears to be defunct.]

The New York City School Board has barred city schools from supporting scouting activities (article at:

Mount Pleasant School District in Michigan has been sued in an effort to stop all school support of the Scouts because of their ban on admitting atheists (article at:

** And a large Jewish group also withdraws support of the Boy Scouts. Reform Jewish leaders are formally advising their membership, which constitutes about 40% of the nation's Jewish population, to stop sponsoring or financing Scout troops.\Culture\archive\200101\CUL20010110c.html.

** However, strong public support and pressure has also forced some communities and school districts to reverse actions that hurt the Scouts. Tempe, Arizona had to reverse a policy that would have prevented city employees from contributing to the Scouts through the local United Way. Miami-Dade County, Florida school officials had to back off a ban on Scouts recruiting in schools (article at:

The Eugene, Oregon school district reversed a ban on the Scouts recruiting in the schools after receiving only about 100 calls, e-mails and letters from angry citizens (article at:

A state-wide poll in Illinois showed that 82% of registered voters supported allowing the Scouts to continue to use schools and other public buildings (article at:,1308,46649-46741-47516,00.html).

** The Salt Lake Olympic Organizing Committee refutes charges it is discriminating against the Boy Scouts. The organizing committee for the 2002 Winter Games, joined by the local scout councils, has refuted charges originally made in an Internet publication that it was banning Boy Scouts from volunteering to help with the games. (Article at:

** Meanwhile, the Scouts stand firm.
The national scout office rejected a request by its Providence, Rhode Island-based Narragansett Council to review the ban on homosexuals (article at:

** And, some thoughtful commentary on the attack on Scouting... "Un-American Activity? The Boy Scouts are Entitled to Their Own Moral Vision," by John Leo in U.S. News and World Report, October 23, 2000, (article at:

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