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November 16, 2001

Alert: To Dr. Laura -- Please Don't Be a Fourth Reich Jew

This message was sent via fax to Dr. Laura, the nationally-known talk host, after she expressed her support for the national ID card concept.

Unfortunately, many American conservatives embrace the national ID card as some kind of cure for terrorism -- so Dr. Laura is not alone. We hope that thinking conservatives who truly value liberty and our Bill of Rights will reconsider their positions. This Alert shows concisely why the national ID card idea runs contrary to the founding principles of this nation -- and how it speeds America closer to a police state.

FAX MESSAGE to Dr. Laura Schlessinger (818) 461-5140

Dear Dr. Laura,

There are huge and serious differences between a national ID card and having, say, a bank card, drivers license or library card.

Requiring citizens to have and carry identity cards or papers violates many Constitutional principles (and some Jewish principles):

An officer demanding "your identification, please" forces the innocent citizen to prove that she is entitled to her life and liberty. Instead of enjoying the presumption of innocence, the citizen who fails to prove her identity automatically becomes a criminal.

If you don't have a bank or library card, you don't get arrested or detained. No drivers license means you can't drive on public roads. * But, if you don't have your national identity papers, then the government won't leave you alone. * It becomes a law enforcement matter. You can be detained, fined, perhaps even jailed. Simply put, you lose your freedom if you cannot prove your identity to a demanding official.

A more global reason why having a national identity system is such a dangerous idea: the techno-tyrants love it. On the birthday wish-list of every aspiring dictator is a computerized system for identifying and tracking people. Chancellor Hitler proved the power of centralized people-counting using IBM punch card machines, as reported in the new book, IBM and the Holocaust. The author, Edwin Black, asked the ominous question this way:

"The Germans always had the lists of Jewish names. [The] SS would burst into a city square and post a notice demanding those listed assemble the next day at the train station for deportation. But how did the Nazis get the lists?"

After years of detailed research, Mr. Black discovered the answer:

"IBM Germany's census operations and similar people counting and registration technologies."

Nazi Germany operated its socialist economic program using specially-tailored IBM punch cards and data sorting machines. Registering people and assets, allocating food, running the trains and documenting their doomed human cargo, and even managing the slave labor in the concentration camps. Such efficiency!

Imagine what today's national socialists could do with holographic ID cards, thumb prints, retinal scans and detailed computerized files (including all medical data) for every person in the country, not to mention the microsecond cross-references to vehicle, financial, and firearms ownership data.

With a national identity card system, Americans lose liberty and gain no security, while the power-mongers get exactly what they want.

[We haven't even mentioned how *worthless* the national ID card is - only the innocent and law-abiding people will get one legally, while the terrorists and criminals will get fake ones. So even on its best day, the national ID card concept is a loser.]

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The Liberty Crew

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