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June 8th 2006

BATFE Raids KT Ordnance!

Yesterday we received word that KT Ordnance, manufacturer of incomplete (80%-finished) frames, was raided for the alleged "illegal manufacture of firearms." KT Ordnance has been a great asset to those who wish to purchase unfinished receivers with which to anonymously manufacture their own firearms -- a perfectly legal process, according to the BATFE website. (Sorry - link expired)

You can see from photos of the AR-15 kit Picture One, Picture Two, that the product cannot possibly be a functioning "firearm" -- it's simply a chunk of metal! So how can this happen?

Early reports suggest that -- as Len Savage warned us in this "Talkin' to America" interview -- the BATFE has arbitrarily decided that certain products have the "features and characteristics" of firearms. As can be expected, there exists no definition of exactly what "features and characteristics" are in question at this time.

Other reports indicate that much of KT Ordnance's inventory is being confiscated, and computer hard drives have been duplicated, although the computers themselves remain at KT Ordnance's location.

It appears that certain government agents are indeed getting desperate. Richard Celata, owner of KT Ordnance, has been a long-time supporter of JPFO and a staunch defender of the Second Amendment (see our 5/13/05 alert. Did the raid take place because of his association with a Jewish civil rights organization? Was it related to the upcoming UN Conference on small arms, see alert for 5/23/06? Or could it be because too many gun owners are discovering that building their own firearms is simple, anonymous, and LEGAL (according to the BATFE's own site -- see above)?

Details on the raid are at this time very, VERY sketchy. We will continue to report on this outrageous, vindictive action by the BATFE as more information comes in. Visitors to the KT Ordnance website will note that the site is no longer online. Richard has informed us that this was to prevent orders from coming in during this time, as there is no way to know what is being monitored or otherwise tracked by BATFE.

JPFO and Gun Owners of America are working to establish legal defense for KT Ordnance, and will keep you posted on our progress. In the meantime, please spread the word far and wide about this outrageous, indefensible action by the BATFE. Ask questions and _demand answers_ from those in power who claim they are "friends" of gun owners.

We must do what we can to help and support our brothers-in-arms at KT Ordnance.

The Liberty Crew


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