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August 1, 2006


Our CZ 52 Tac Rail kit ( ) is now in stock and ready for immediate shipping! The CZ 52 Tac Rail, which sells for $39.95 postage paid, allows the mounting of lights or lasers to your pistol by means of a 1 3/4" 1913 Picatinny rail.

We've also begun to take orders for our latest rail, the Sig Sauer Tac Rail ( ). Also selling for $39.95, the Sig Sauer Tac Rail is designed to fit Sig Sauer models 226, 228, and 229. Production is gearing up now, and you can expect delivery of your Sig Sauer Tac Rail within approximately 3-4 weeks.

Proceeds from all of our Tac Rails are being used to finance our latest film production, _The Gang_ ( ). This hard-hitting documentary takes off the gloves while taking on the BATFE. When it's complete, it'll be the best weapon in your arsenal to help abolish this rogue agency!

So don't delay -- order one of our Tac Rail kits TODAY!

- The Liberty Crew


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