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August 4, 2006

When Will They Learn?

It's been a week since the tragic July 28 shooting spree at a Seattle Jewish center which left one dead and several injured ( ). Undoubtedly, "gun control" advocates will start crawling out of the woodwork in short order to use this atrocity to lobby for yet more restrictions on firearms ownership. Sadly, many of these advocates will be members of the Jewish community.

Only one person was armed during this shooting: the shooter himself, who chose to ignore all of the laws he was breaking. The law-abiding innocents in the center had no ability to defend themselves.

"Call the police!" say the gun-prohibitionists. "That's what they're there for!"

Not true.

As we document in our book, _Dial 911 and Die_ ( ), police in Washington state have NO duty to protect you. Don't believe us? Here's an excerpt from the book:


Washington falls in the category of "die first, sue later" jurisdictions. In that state, the police are not immune from being sued. In fact, a Washington statute requires that the sheriff and deputies "shall keep and preserve the peace" and "arrest...all persons who break the peace, or attempt to break it." Under that statute, however, government owes the duty to provide police protection to the public at large, not to individuals [Chambers Castanes, 669 P.2d at 457; Beal v City of Seattle, 954 P.2d 234 (Wash. App. 1998)(en banc)(same rule).]

Washington courts have regularly interpreted the law to allow injured citizens and the heirs of dead citizens to sue police departments for the negligence of their officers. Under Washington law, a private individual can sue the government for failure to provide police protection if:

(1) there is some legal relationship or connection between the police department and the victim which "sets the victim apart from the general public," and

(2) there are "explicit assurances of protection" that cause the victim to rely on those assurances.


If you have your copy of _Dial 911 and Die_ , this is the right time to dust it off and educate those naive folks who think they have a right to police protection. _They don't_. Don't have the book? It's just $11.95, an inexpensive resource for your "truth arsenal." It is the best way to end the stupidity of promoting "gun control."

As for the "Schumerite" Jewish leadership (taken from Charles Schumer, a rabid anti-gun Jewish politician), they should read our alert, "'Schumerite' Jews Have Blood on Their Hands...Again" at . They share the blame in this shooting, having methodically disarmed their fellow Jews and others, leaving them helpless.

Disarm yourself to protect yourself? These folks must have bagels for brains.

- The Liberty Crew

PS JPFO member and firearms safety instructor George Peabody is running for Governor of Hawaii in the Republican Primary to be held September 23 in Hawaii. Visit for more information


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