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August 15, 2006

Another Back Door for "Gun Control"

We're hearing more and more about the possibility of combining the US, Canada, and Mexico into a new entity similar to the European Union. A key part of this "North American Union" (aka "North American Community") would expand NAFTA to include a court system that would have supremacy over all US law (even the Supreme Court!) in "...any matter related to the trilateral political and economic integration" of the three countries. (1)

Details on this North American "superstate" are sketchy at best. Requests for information submitted through the Freedom of Information Act have been stonewalled according to the online news 'zine WorldNetDaily. (2) But its existence is more than a black-helicopter conspiracy theory: a super highway system is already in the advanced planning stages. (3) Nearly a quarter-mile wide, it will run through the heart of the U.S. from the Mexican border at Laredo, Texas, to the Canadian border north of Duluth, Minnesota. With the Supreme Court rulings that your house can be "eminent-domained" for nearly any reason (including replacing it with a Dairy Queen), this monstronsity will undoubtedly displace thousands of American families, maybe even yours.

This is an obvious first step toward global government, but it is also a back door for more "gun control." Two of the three nations are very much against civilian ownership of firearms; it's not unreasonable to expect that laws regarding firearm ownership would be expanded to better "consolidate" and "standardize" regulations within the three countries.

Not possible, you say? Really? In a recent discussion between U.S. Supreme Court Justices Antonin Scalia and Stephen Breyer at AU Washington College of Law, Justice Breyer -- defending the citation of foreign court cases in US court decisions -- stated, "[F]or years people all over the world have cited the Supreme Court, why don't we cite them occasionally?" (4)

In other words, let's see what a judge in Zimbabwe ... or Germany ... or the UK ... thinks about firearms, free speech, state surveillance, or torture. And if we like it, we'll use it to "interpret" the US Constitution.

The implications are chilling.

The NAU plan is just a plan at the moment. As of this time, the three countries have settled on a "Security and Prosperity Partnership"(5) that promotes inter-agency cooperation for such areas as public health, intellectual property, and the like. But make no mistake: the NAU is coming soon ... and your right to bear arms is certainly on their list.

Don't forget that this new North American superstate is going to need a police force to take your guns. And who better qualified -- and better motivated -- than the BATFE? Visit for more information on this organization, and our efforts to abolish it BEFORE they become even more Draconian and too powerful to stop.

- The Liberty Crew


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