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August 16, 2006

And ANOTHER Award!

What an honor! The JPFO Productions documentary _Bill of Rights or Bust_ ( ) has been awarded a Bronze Telly Award. The Telly Awards honor outstanding local, regional, and cable television commercials and programs, as well as the finest video and film productions ( ).

This isn't a first for _Bill of Rights or Bust_ . In July, the film received the Videographers Awards 2006 Award of Excellence, and before that, it earned an Award of Distinction for the 2005 Communicator Awards.

In fact, JPFO film projects are consistently receiving mainstream media notice and acclaim. Our documentary Innocents Betrayed ( ), for example, received both a Telly Award (bronze) and an award for Creative Excellence at the US International Film & Video Festival.

This is a big deal. JPFO is reaching folks -- mainstream media and left-leaning film types -- that other freedom organizations simply can't. We're getting the word out, and reaching hearts and minds in the process.

And don't forget to check out _The Gang: Using the Law to Destroy Your Freedom and Security_ at . In this latest film project, we take on one of the biggest, baddest, nastiest gangs around: the BATFE. Learn how you can support our efforts to abolish this rogue agency and keep your guns!

- The Liberty Crew


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