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August 30, 2006

Profiling the Police State

There are only 107 days until Bill of Rights Day on December 15. So how is America stacking up?

It's not a pretty picture.

We've added a new page to our website called Profiling the Police State. You can find it at . On it, we link to news stories featuring government encroachments on our rights and liberties. Unfortunately, we can barely keep up. Here are just a few of the articles we've recently added:

    • An Update on KT Ordnance
    • A Dallas city councilman is trying to ban "baggy pants" citywide
    • Verichip is lobbying the Pentagon to microchip all US soldiers
    • The US Department of Agriculture is spending millions to create a map of every farmer's field in America
    • The New Hampshire state Supreme Court ruled that the state can keep and destroy property taken from a suspect even though the state failed to prove a single item was illegal
    • The Eighth Circuit Appeals Court ruled that police may seize cash from motorists even in the absence of ANY evidence that a crime has been committed

The situation in America is getting worse every day. We must do everything in our power to re-establish a Bill of Rights culture and put a very tight leash on our federal AND local governments. Join our Bill of Rights Culture campaign at .

And if you (or someone you know) doesn't believe America is _really_ becoming a police state, we highly recommend you read _The State vs The People: The Rise of the American Police State_ ( ). This meticulously researched book documents characteristics of past police states and provides a comparison with present-day USA. The results are chilling.

"Go along to get along" is no longer an option. Help us keep your rights alive BEFORE its too late. You can learn more about our various pro-liberty campaigns (including our in-progress documentary _The Gang_ ) and how you can contribute at .

- The Liberty Crew

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