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October 16, 2006

Press Release from BruceMontague.Ca
Firearms Activist Prepares to Dismantle Firearms Act in Court!

Toronto lawyer Calvin Martin will be arguing the constitutionality of the flawed Canadian Firearms Act October 16-20 in the Superior Court in Kenora, Ontario.

The stakes are high. If Mr. Martin succeeds, Canada's gun laws will be gutted. If he fails, firearms activist Bruce Montague could face over ten years in prison and millions of Canadian firearms owners, not currently in compliance with federal firearms laws, will have to decide what to do next.

Given the Crown's actions in this case the decision may not be pre-ordained. Stalling and intimidation tactics escalated to seizing the family home in an attempt to deny the Montagues the money they need to fight against a government legal team paid for out of the deep pockets of the Canadian taxpayer.

Who: Bruce and Donna Montague, Calvin Martin QC, Government of Canada

What: Constitutional Challenge to Canada's firearms laws

Why: Millions of firearms owners have chosen civil disobedience rather than surrender to Canada's firearms laws; Bruce Montague was charged for his non-compliance.

When: October 16 to October 20, 2006.

Where: Superior Court, Kenora, Ontario.

For further information, visit our website at or phone Bruce directly at (807) 937-2197.

Clive Edwards (Director, Montague charter challenge). (604) 858-1893


We at JPFO applaud Mr. Martin and Bruce & Donna Montague for exhibiting the kind of courage every gun owner should have. We wish them the best of luck in this lawsuit!

- The Liberty Crew


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