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October 19, 2006

R.I.P. Habeas Corpus

On Tuesday, October 17, 2006, another nail was pounded into freedom's coffin when President Bush signed the Military Commissions Act into law. Within the Act, the 800-year tradition of Habeas Corpus -- the right of the accused to face their accuser in court -- was essentially eliminated.

While much of the mainstream media glossed over this news with a disinterested yawn, one brave commentator made no bones about the magnitude of this treachery. Watch MSNBC's Keith Olbermann at as he comments on this appalling development. If you do nothing else, WATCH THIS VIDEO! It will make your blood boil, to say the least.

In another video from MSNBC's "Countdown," Olbermann interviews Jonathan Turley, Professor of Constitutional Law at George Washington University ( ). Turley points out that even giving "material support" (such as a donation) to an organization that has been deemed "terrorist" can get you designated an enemy combatant as well. And who determines which organizations are associated with terrorism? The president alone.

We are no longer standing at the precipice of a tyrannical dictatorship -- we've stepped off the edge. The United States is gleefully skipping down the same path as the former Soviet Union, China, and Nazi Germany. "The Most Free Country on Earth" is now merely a phrase of propaganda, not reality.

Still don't believe it? Check out our "Police State" page at . We're constantly adding new articles -- too many, we believe -- that document our slide into a tyrannical, dictatorial regime. Articles like this:

FBI Director wants ISPs to Track Users

Tracking your movements on the internet? Is this what our country is about -- quietly acquiescing as the American Stasi monitors your communications?


America is about the Bill of Rights, that document which specifically states that there are rights upon which the federal government _cannot_ infringe. The Military Commissions Act essentially guts the Bill of Rights, and it is up to us, The People, to demand that our government follow its own charter.

JPFO is constantly exhorting our supporters to celebrate Bill of Rights Day each December 15. But is that enough? EVERY day should be Bill of Rights Day. When we think about our rights once a year (or less), we suffert.

Send this alert to everyone you know, regardless of political affiliation. Celebrate Bill of Rights Day on December 15 (we have many ideas which you can use at ). But most importantly, demand that your rights be respected. There are only 56 days until December 15, Bill of Rights Day. Will you celebrate its true spirit ... or the hollow farce our government wishes to make of it?

Remember, if you don't defend your rights, don't complain when you lose them.

- The Liberty Crew

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