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October 25, 2006

Elections and The Gang

During the current "silly season", when election rhetoric is at its peak, we'd like to point our readers to the following video, which is a clip from the 1976 movie _Network_ (warning: as is typical with Hollywood, there is some profanity). As you listen to the news, interviews, and other purported "truths", think about this speech. Go to to view "TV is not the truth, even when you think it is."

We'd also like to highlight our latest advertising for _The Gang_, available at This Adobe Acrobat file is designed to be printed (preferably -- but not necessarily -- in color) and distributed. Please, download this flyer and distribute it both online and in person. We need _every_ resource we can get to abolish the BATFE and the federal control and regulation of your firearms!

- The Liberty Crew

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