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November 15, 2006

30 Days to Bill of Rights Day

One month from today is December 15, Bill of Rights Day.

If you cherish your rights and freedoms as an American, you'll want to observe the special day that honors the foundation for them all. Celebrating Bill of Rights Day encourages awareness of our precious national heritage, the Bill of Rights. If you want to eliminate "gun control," invasions of your privacy, and draconian government agencies, then help us bring back a Bill of Rights culture in America. Remember, if YOU don't defend your rights, YOU will lose them!

The recent election has shown us that even the most patient of Americans are getting tired of a society that tramples on our rights at every turn. A simple solution would be a return to the Bill of Rights. We've often suggested that new or existing legislation be submitted to the "Bill of Rights Test" -- if it violates the Bill of Rights, it gets tossed. Do you think the BATFE would pass the Bill of Rights test? Or any number of other agencies? Such a test would quickly eliminate the most egregious violations of our rights and help bring about a Bill of Rights culture.

What would a Bill of Rights culture look like? Read our 2-part article "You'll be Freer and Richer in the Bill of Rights Culture" at for our view. A present-day example of a Bill of Rights culture at work are the famous signs of the Casa D'Ice restaurant. Go to to see someone who has no use for "political correctness"! And for a clarion call to what is essentially a Bill of Rights culture, read Kevin Van Horn's "Creating a Free America" at .

DEFEND YOUR RIGHTS! This year help raise awareness of our rights by celebrating Bill of Rights Day. We've made it easy for you: just visit to download a sample letter to the editor or op/ed piece, which you can print and send in to your local newspaper or other publication (we've had good success in getting these published in the past). In addition, to make it even easier for you, we're offering the following special on JPFO merchandise:


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ALL the Bill of Rights, for ALL citizens!

- The Liberty Crew

P.S. Alan Korwin has issued an open invitation for a Bill of Rights Day luncheon to take place December 15 at noon at the Goldwater Institute (500 East Coronado Road) in downtown Phoenix. For more details, contact or call 602-996-4020 .


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