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December 11, 2006

JPFO/NRA Have Different Views on BATFE

Recently a JPFO supporter sent a letter to the NRA asking about its position on the BATFE. As our readers know, JPFO has made it a mission to abolish that rogue agency and end federal control and regulation of your firearms.

In their response to our supporter, the NRA spokesperson, on behalf of Sandra Froman, president of the NRA, made several statements that are contrary to what JPFO believes gun rights organizations should support.

"...we support certain federal laws relative to firearms..."

"The Association does not object to many of the federal laws..."

"...greater emphasis should be placed on enforcing existing laws..."

"...NRA did not object to the increase in funding to BATF..."

We've reprinted the NRA letter in full on our website. We've also added a list of questions that the letter raises, as well as what we consider to be the best answer to those questions. You can read both at .

If you agree that it is imperative to abolish the BATFE and end federal control and regulation of firearms, please download and share this letter (and our response) with everyone you know.

- The Liberty Crew


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