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December 19, 2006

2006 Year End Report

Thanks to our thousands of members and supporters, 2006 was a year of accomplishment for JPFO:

    • We kicked off our wildly-successful "Boot the BATFE" campaign ( It was time someone took on this agency that exists solely to instill fear into gun owners and dealers, and that someone is JPFO. In our campaign -- which includes a series of national ads drawing attention to this disgraceful organization -- we've demonstrated that the BATFE _can_ and _should_ be abolished!

    • We started work on our latest documentary, _The Gang_ ( ), in which we expose the criminality of the BATFE. We've interviewed such folks as John Ross, author of _Unintended Consequences_, leading attorneys who regularly win against the BATFE in court, and victims of BATFE criminal activity. We hope to finish editing _The Gang_ by March 2007.

    • We began writing a monthly column for _Concealed Carry Magazine_ ( )

    • We revised and updated our definitive book, _"Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny_, which exposes the Nazi roots of American "gun control" laws.

    • 2006 saw our award-winning documentary _Innocents Betrayed_ shown on local cable access stations throughout the US, thanks to the hard work of our supporters. _Bill of Rights or Bust_ enjoyed the same treatment as well. ( and )

    • _Bill of Rights or Bust_ won THREE awards this year: The 2005 Communicator award, the 2006 Videographer Award of Excellence, and a Bronze Telly award!

    • Our promotion of December 15 as Bill of Rights Day helped push the increased interest in celebrating this important holiday, with gatherings and special events commemorating Bill of Rights Day taking place across the country. ( )

    • In responding to an NRA letter, we documented the difference between the NRA and JPFO in their respective positions on the BATFE ( )

    • We introduced our "Talking to America" series of hard-hitting provocative radio interviews on topics of benefit to firearms owners ( )

    • We were featured not once, but TWICE on G. Gordon Liddy's radio show, plus many other radio programs as well.

    • We exposed Costco Wholesale's anti-gun stance ( )

    • We updated our website with a new look and feel, and included new sections on the ongoing war in the Middle East ( ), and the growing police state here at home ( )

    • Finally, in the just the last few weeks of 2006, we've been working on a world-wide program to stop gun-prohibition schemes by the UN using our film _Innocents Betrayed_. We plan to unveil it by the first of the year.

As 2006 winds down, we want to remind you that donations to JPFO ( are tax-deductible, and will be used to finance the making of _The Gang_.

We wish everyone a happy and prosperous 2007!

- The Liberty Crew

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