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January 11th 2008

Sheep From Goats

New from Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership: in the third installment of "What's It Gonna Take?" author and essayist L. Neil Smith offers historical evidence and common sense facts to help JPFO's readers avoid popular misconceptions about the Bill of Rights in particular and freedom in general. Neil discusses what the Second Amendment is really all about, why the Founding Fathers included it in the Constitution, and how certain gun laws make no sense in that context.

Also explored, the true nature of politicians. Neil offers some suggestions about how best to talk to individuals about all of these issues. No matter how bad things may look right now, there is hope on the horizon, he tells us, and offers a small but potent handful of ideas for projects that can be worked on today to speed that hope along.

He finishes with some hints on how to tell the goodguys from the badguys in politics, no matter how much they lie about where they stand.

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- The Liberty Crew

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