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January 25th 2008

Free Book Offer!

As the slug fest continues to win the White House, it is painfully clear that the next President will be anti gun ownership. JPFO can't change their "Guns are bad mentality", but we can make it easier for you to educate others about the evils of "gun control".

Until February 11th we are giving away a FREE copy of "Gun Control": Gateway to Tyranny. This book exposes the the use of the Nazi weapons laws to create the '68 Gun Control Act, giving the BATFE the authority to destroy the Second Amendment.

All you have to do is order a copy of any one of these videos -

"The Gang" -

"Innocents Betrayed" -

"BATFE Fails The Test" -

"Nazi Death Camps" -

Order while supplies last.

NOTE - Entries for our "Name The BATFE Mascot" will cease
on January 31st 2008.

- The Liberty Crew

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