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March 16th 2008

JPFO Film Footage of BATFE Criminality on CNN.

The old expression, you can run but you can't hide is so true, especially when the camera never blinks. On March 14th and 15th the Lou Dobbs show discussed the Olofson case, using film footage from "The Gang" documentary to expose the phony testing procedures of the BATFE, that are being used to send innocent gun owners to prison.

Here are the links to both broadcasts .....

We encourage you to join the national movement to abolish the BATFE. Get a copy of "The Gang", show it to everyone you know and save our Second Amendment today.

The Gang order page ...

Go to to find the link (dated Jan 10th 2008) to the Len Savage interview about the Olofson case that Lou Dobbs is reporting on - MP3 and transcript.

(If you find the second link problematic after clicking on it, carefully copy and paste that into your browser - it has been tested and functions, but some difficulty has been experienced.)

- The Liberty Crew

*Late addition - as we have no way of knowing how long these links will be available we have processed the original files and archived them here. For PC users there are WMV versions and for Mac users, Quicktime MOV files.  They are all around 9Mb plus or minus. They have been reduced in size but quality is still acceptable.

Save these to your computer by right clicking on a link (in Internet Explorer) and selecting "save target".

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