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April 21st 2008

Is it Already Happening Here?

Despite nearly three decades of totalitarian abuse of the American people, and supposedly stern reprimands by Congress, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives continues its violent and illegal reign of terror while its size, power, and appropriations grow. Even worse, the arrogant attitude of these jackbooted thugs has now spread to many other "law enforcement" agencies at all levels of government.

A few names say it all: Ruby Ridge, Waco, Donald Scott, Donald Carlson, Accelynne Williams. Each time such travesties occur, promises of reform ring across the political landscape, only to die without an echo. Unconstitutional agencies get increased funding and murders get medals.

The problem is even graver than it seems at first glance. BATFE's "civil forfeiture" policies and practices alone remind us of the predations of Attila the Hun and other barabarian plunderers like him. They not only threaten individuals and families, but civilization itself.


"Always Think Forfeiture"

"Engraved Invitation - To Steal"

"BATFE Forfeiture Procedures" (PDF Format). A recent study by the Gun Owners Foundation

The brutal savagery of the BATFE, and the insidious efforts of its vile, inhumane allies in the victim disarmament industry to strip us of our means of self-defense reek of the pogroms, the cossack raids, the Gestapo roundups, and the extermination camps of the 19th and 20th centuries. It was Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership that first exposed the ominous historic correlation between sweeping gun confiscation and mass-killings carried out by governments. Now, horribly, it's no longer safe for Americans to say "It Can't Happen Here".

Read Robert G. Heinritz' chilling essay, "Could a Search Warrant Be Your Death Warrant? -- Dachau Survivor Sees 'Creeping Fascism' in America". This important article, which was first produced in its original form in 1994 -- seven years before 9/11 -- and anticipated much of the evil going on today, is even more urgent now than it was then. Together, we can stop this nightmare slide into horror and oblivion.

But only if we act.

And only here, at

The Liberty Crew

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