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June 17th 2008

Time to Moooove Along!


For decades, politicos, bureaucrats, and their corporate buds have been living it up at your expense. If you object, they treat you like unruly cattle, and to make sure that you're not a threat, they even trim your horns -- denying and violating your right to own and carry weapons.

When ranchers do it to cattle, it's called "polling" them.

In most places, the symbiotic relationship between the IRS and the BATFE has gone unnoticed. But not at The more you make, the more they take. Your first legal obligation is not to take care of yourself or your family (who cares about the individual hopes and dreams of livestock?), but to fork it over to them.

But there is something you can do, right now, to shake off the yoke of tyranny, leave the herd, and stand straight and tall like a human being. Read "They Poll Herefords, Don't They? Victim Disarmament and the Productive Class" by award-winning author and columnist L. Neil Smith.

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