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November 5th 2008

B.O. Wins - 2A Endangered - What Can You Do?


The masses have cast their lot for a long time enemy of 2A and small government. What do we gun owners do?

At JPFO we believe the most effective action we can take is to educate every gun owner including those who foolishly voted for more big government and a limit on firearms ownership, about the benefits of 2A and how it is good for the USA.

Next, reach out to everyone else and open their hearts and minds with the knowledge of how 2A benefits all citizens.

Accomplishing this goal has never been easier. If you haven't already watched,down loaded and made copies of "2A Today for the USA" then you must do so at once!

Here is what others are saying about the FREE on line film produced to make America a 2A nation once again.....

“It’s an absolute MUST watch" (U.S. Concealed Carry Association)

"... should be mandatory for every civics class in every school in this country". (Marinelle Thompson, Second Amendment Sisters, Inc.)

"... If you support rescinding previously enacted gun control laws you'll enjoy this video". (John Birch Society)

"... one of the best presentations on the right to keep and bear arms I've come across". (David Codrea, "War on Guns" blog)

"2A Today for the USA is the best popular explanation of the Second Amendment available in video format that I have seen. It deserves the widest possible circulation, so that Americans can take concerted grass-roots action to preserve and put into effect the right that is necessary to the security of a free State". (Edwin Vieira,Jr.,Ph.D,J.D.)

NOW is the time to start. Do not wait for the advancing armored column of gun haters and their anti-gun legislation.

We can take aggressive action today and win, or wait till it is too late and the odds are against us and lose. Be a true American, be a winner and show "2A Today for the USA" right now! The guns you keep will be the ones you already have.

JPFO will be giving away a FREE DVD copy of our 2A film with all memberships, orders or donations of $25.00 dollars or more.  This high quality film may be copied and widely distributed (non commercial use only).   JPFO Store.

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The Liberty Crew

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