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November 18th 2008

The G Man and "2A Today for The USA"


Recently G. Gordon Liddy said the following about our latest film, "2A Today for The USA" ....

"..... it counters the arguments of the gun controllers, the misinterpretation of the second amendment - and it does so very very well, clearly and concisely. Share it with your friends - it is important"

If you would like to hear the interview, download the MP3 file. (18 minutes 7.3 Mb). Don't forget to check out our other interviews available on the JPFO "Talkin' To America" Page.

Remember, 2A is a great aid and teaching tool to help people better understand the Bill of Rights. Why not show it at your Bill of Rights Day celebration December 15th.


The Liberty Crew

JPFO will be giving away a FREE DVD copy of our 2A film with all memberships, orders or donations of $25.00 dollars or more.  This high quality film may be copied and widely distributed (non commercial use only).   JPFO Store.

2A Today for The USA on JPFO - View and/or download the film.

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The Liberty Crew

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