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December 23rd 2008

Getting Ready for Something Big?

Have you taken time to reflect on four situations?

A movement is forging ahead in at least eighteen states to be able to identify your ammunition and make your existing ammo supplies contraband. Ammunition Accountability (small PDF file)

Chicago Mayor Daly is holding a high profile January conference of "gun violence victims" to promote more "gun control" laws. The media will be there in force.

A recent press conference by the Gestapo goon Police Chief of Los Angeles advocating the banning of Fifty Caliber firearms and ammunition is circulating on the net. No mention of course of destroying murderous gangs and other criminals as a workable solution to reducing crime. The Chief will not solve the problem but instead will focus on keeping the jobs and pensions for his boys alive and well - see the video in original article - or we also have video copies available on JPFO - a WMV file of 6Mb and an MP4 file of 10Mb.

The government of the Un-united States of a bizarre third world country called America is boasting the placement of battle hardened soldiers to be used to quell unrest or to be used as the authorities see fit. This violates the prohibition of the standing army being used for police duty. The people you voted for don't care one wit about this violation of the law as they would prefer an unarmed citizenry -

With all these events happening simultaneously, it plants the seeds for another timely "event", such as Columbine, Virginia Tech, a shopping mall massacre, or a total economic meltdown to promote more ''gun control"laws, ideal for a new administration that embraces and worships the dream of disarming the American people.  Read Worldnetdaily article.

We hope we are wrong and would take no pride in being right. We must strengthen and grow much needed support for the Second Amendment today!

We call upon you to share freedom with everyone you can reach by showing "2A Today for the USA" - . We live in perilous times. It is vital that we immediately grow our ranks to preserve our G-D given rights to defend our lives.


The Liberty Crew

You can give the gift of freedom, and it's free. Email this link widely and make copies of "2A Today for the USA" to give away - go there right now. The message and information in this definitive film is possibly the only significant way you can do something active to protect your free right of gun ownership.

Use our latest 2A Today handbills - make copies and hand out to all who wear uniforms, as well as passing on the link to all your contacts.

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