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December 29th 2008

Gun Control = People Control

Gun Prohibitionists want more than our guns, they lust to control our every action. Want proof?

Have we really (already) come to the point where two consenting, if perhaps foolish adults indulging in relatively harmless horse play - finish up with one being set up by law enforcement in New Jersey to face a prison term of ten - yes TEN years!!?

We do not suggest that anyone actually "play" at shooting at someone else for fun whether by a pea shooter or as in this case a feeble powderless Super Colibri .22, even at 100 yards - but if two people choose to do so with no harm to any third party, that should be their business and theirs alone. How long before someone is arrested and charged with a felony for throwing a piece of hard candy across a room in jest - which then happens to hit and bruise another?

Where does lunacy stop, and when do we stop it dead in its tracks, using our rights to reclaim our liberty ?


The Liberty Crew

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