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"Government, Keep Out!" Speeches

The JPFO Liberty Crew has crafted a series of inspiring speeches read by professional radio personalities which are a potent mixture of passion and reason. Timeless, resonating with hard-core freedom lovers while retaining the power to reach and persuade, our "Government, Keep Out" speeches plainly speak the truth. Many people have a vague awareness that something is wrong with our country, but can't quite put their finger on it. Others may feel it's unpatriotic to question our government, even when that government is doing something very wrong. People may even know what's wrong, but don't know what to do about it. "Government, Keep Out" addresses all of these concerns concisely and directly.

It is up to us to coax the rest of our countrymen out of their armchairs and back into the fight. It is OUR responsibility to keep our government in line. Take just take a moment to click on the links below. If you find our messages as exciting and inspirational as we do, then forward this link to your friends, your family, to any freedom-lover you can think of. Post it on your blog or website, and help us spread it throughout the American consciousness. We've even included a Podcast to make it easier to spread the word.

Thank you for helping us in our fight to maintain our rights.

- The Liberty Crew



June 28, 2006 "The Guardian" [MP3] [Transcript]

June 27, 2006 "The Great American Fraud" [MP3] [Transcript]

May 4, 2006 "Recipe for an American" [Transcript]

April 17, 2006 "Government, Keep Out!"[MP3] [Transcript]

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